Phantom Insecticide & Termiticide

Phantom Insecticide -
Superior Non-Repellent Pesticide With Long-Lasting Residual



1. Powerful non-repellent insecticide combining superior
control and long lasting residual effect.

2. Exterminates termites and other target insects by
ingestion and contact.

3. Controls pest populations better than any baiting system.

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Phantom Insecticide

Phantom Liquid Termiticide/Insecticide is now the only liquid non-repellent, non-IGR liquid insecticide that is labeled for indoor pest control, which also includes commercial food handling areas. With an absolute undetectable active ingredient, it is perfect for pest control because insects will not be able to sense the application which means they will not avoid it.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase Phantom Insecticide

  • Liquid non-repellent that is good for indoor pest control as well as outdoor pest control
  • Active ingredient, Chlorfenapyr, is undetectable to targeted pests
  • Targets a Wide Variety of Pests
  • Secondary Kill Effect

Phantom Termiticide

Phantom insecticide is now the only liquid non-repellent that can be used for, but not limited to, indoor areas to target such pests as bed bugs, ants, centipedes, spiders, beetles, bark scorpions and many more. Not only is it good for use indoors, but it is specifically the only non-repellent liquid that is labeled for food handling areas. Businesses can now use this in any establishment where food is stored, handled and served. Due to its non-repellency, pests will go about their daily routines unable to detect the Phantom insecticide. Furthermore, it's a liquid pesticide, but it's a liquid concentrate that is unmatched. BASF, the manufacturing company of Phantom, promotes selective application with Phantom insecticide. In other words, it only needs to be applied in small and precisely targeted "shots", which also means you use less with the same amount and more homes are treated per bottle. Once ingested by the pest, Phantom insecticide attacks the pests from the inside out and targets cells that generate energy. This method leads to paralysis and ultimately leads to their death. Phantom Insecticide is effective and BASF is confident that no other product is as stealthy or successful when it comes to insect control Professional pest control operators rely on Phantom termiticide and insecticide as one of their tools of arson against insects. Take control of your insect problems using Phantom liquid insecticide.